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Sun, Oct. 30th, 2005, 07:56 pm
i <3 Halloween...

The Halloween party at SHF was a lot of fun...Jake was a drag queen/my little pony. He was so cute in his little crown! We played games too, and we won Command! That was wierd. First off, he didn't want to stop and wanted to sidestep the whole time, but didn't for the game. Secondly, he didn't want to counter-canter. But he got it in Command. That was great. We got 3rd in Barrels. Jakie was sooo good! I'm pretty sure now that we're going to the Charlton Farms Schooling Show on Saturday...That'll be fun. I can't wait! I'll get the Jeep next Sunday...


[edit]: oh yeah... I saw an emu in someone's backyard. That was cool. I'm gonna own an ostrich racetrack when I grow up...

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