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Sun, Oct. 2nd, 2005, 08:17 pm
la la la la la laaaa

Uhhh...lots has happened lately. I'm going to take Fay lessons, and had my first one today! She is awesome, I could immediately feel a difference with Jake. School is wierd. I feel different lately, cuz now I've finally got what I want (a happy horse), nothing else really matters. I'm gonna try in school though. Even though techically, I only need the english and social studies credits...but oh well. Sammy went back to Mandak... The Sarto's new horse rules cuz she's smarter than they are. Lilly took off on Bill yesterday (XD!!!). I love her, she makes the Sarto's visits to the barn so much happier.

I don't feel like typing anymore cuz I'm hungry and I smell portabella pizza stuff...