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I really like slash fiction. And have been reading it since I was like 9-11 years old, can't really remember exactly what point I started. At first when I saw "slash" written next to a fic, I assumed it was a horror fic. Then I clicked, and haven't stopped since.

I guess I like other things too, but my life on livejournal centers around this.
30 rock, aaah! real monsters, adam rodriguez, afi, akiva schaffer, alice cooper, alice in chains, alice in wonderland, andy samberg, animal rights, anthony head, aphc, appaloosas, bam margera, bass, beagles, being human, bettas, billy boyd, billy/dom, bj novak, bradley james, candyland, cattle, chris pine, christoph waltz, cky, colin morgan, converse, cows, csi: las vegas, csi: miami, danielle radcliffe, david thewlis, dean martin, disney, dominic monaghan, donny donowitz, drake & josh, dressage, ducks, egypt, eli roth, elijah wood, empire records, eric szmanda, evanescence, eventing, faery, family guy, frankenweenie, gedeon burkhard, george eads, gerald hirschberg, goldfish, grapefruit, green day, green day slash, guitar, h.i.m., halloween, happy, harry potter, heroes, hey arnold, him, horses, hunter jumper, inglourious basterds, invader zim, iron man, italy, jason sudeikis, jess margera, johnny depp, johnny whitworth, jonathan togo, jorma taccone, jude law, kittie, kurt cobain, lady gaga, layne staley, leonard nimoy, less than jake, lilo and stitch, lost, louis prima, maury, merlin, mike dirnt, my little pony, mythology, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, online quizzes, ozzy osbourne, piercings, pineapple, pirates, playstation 2, poa, poac, ponies, pumpkin pie, punk rock, rob zombie, robert downey jr, rocky horror picture show, rory cochrane, rupert young, salerno, samm levine, saturday night live, scotland, sean astin, sega genesis, sex pistols, sherlock holmes, shia labeouf, show jumping, slash, smithson utivich, south park, spots, star trek, stone temple pilots, swedish warmblood, swing music, sylar, tattoos, the angry beavers, the bear jew, the casualties, the lonely island, the ramones, the rat pack, the silver kiss, the slash dragon, the wild thornberrys, til schweiger, tim burton, trombone, wicca, wienerville, will forte, william shatner, zachary quinto