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Tue, Apr. 12th, 2005, 06:00 pm
when all I have left to say, is "I wonder what's worth fighting for?"

That concert last night FUCKING ROCKED!!! Which I'm sure, the only people who actually read this know, but I'm probably going to forget in a few days, so I need to write it down.

We got to Northern Lights at 5:30, so we'd get a good spot. We stood outside, in the cold (without a hoodie) for an hour. My fingers turned blue. We got in, I got this weird hoodie thing I'm probably only going to wear in weird weather situations. We got in and waited a while for the bands to start. Some band from NJ was first, and I don't really remember them, but they weren't horrible. Right before they started, Roger walked by us and smiled at me...which made me happy. He was trying not to be noticed, cuz his hood was up (he has really long dreadlocks). Then halfway through the first band....BUDDY CAME IN AND STOOD BEHIND MY MOM! He looked so confused....So I didn't bother him, either way, I probably would have passed out or said something extremely stupid, then want to kill myself. I'm pretty sure he noticed me watching him, so he disappeared for a while, then left ;_;.

The second band was Kane Hodder, and they were from Seattle! They weren't that great...They sort of reminded me of Finch, because they'd sing, and then go into total screaming. But Finch doesn't scream like them. The 3rd one on was Hidden In Plain View. I didn't really like them...too emo for me. Allister was 3rd, and their Guitar/Singer was cute. He looked at me a few times...That was weird...I didn't like it. But they were kinda happy and uplifting, so they were okay. The moshing didn't start until they got on.

Less Than Jake was 4th....And before they got on, I came extremely close to killing many girls. Girls suck, no offence to my friends, because they don't. But in general, girls suck. This one girl thought she was getting all the way in the front (I was the 2nd person behind the barrier from the stage), and tried to shove past me. I wouldn't let her through, so she started yelling and swearing at me. Good thing I'm a horseback rider...My legs came in handy there (thank you pammy for all the no stirrup work!). She gave up, and eventually apologized to me for being a bitch. That was pretty funny. I didn't get it, because when they came on, she didn't move or anything. She stood there unimpressed and motionless, with a frown on her face. I had fun...I felt like I was high or something...I sang along to every song...And didn't know a lot of lyrics, but sang anyways. I was on Roger's side of the stage...and Buddy was on the other, but at least it was a small stage. Roger made some funny faces at me...and smiled a lot. Roger has this smile that if you see him smile, you can't help but smile too. Chris is just crazy and drunk, but he sang all the right lyrics (I think. I think at one point I looked at him really weird, cuz I was watching Buddy.... and forgot to change faces then looked at him. He gave me a really funny face. Vinnie was declared as the new Pope. JR was awesome, he rocks out so much.

Now only 1 member left to comment on...Which of course is....BUDDY! He was AWESOME. I wish I could play like him, he has awesome tone and is loud. He danced really cutely *daydreams*. In one of the songs without horn, he helped Vinnie out on drums on a cymbal, and was dancing with his back to the audience...He was shaking his ass! It was so cute! I could go on and on and on and on....He sang once, and he has a pretty voice ^_^ I lurvezes him. He played bass on my side of the stage ^_^ He's pretty good at that too, his fingers moved a lot and fast...*droool*

I should have grabbed Buddy and Roger while I could...Gah. Oh well. There's always next time! I lost that trombone I was bidding on last night. Someone payed $105 which, with shipping is like $140. It had mold on it...And practically no case. It probably had an old trombone smell too (yuck). I would have payed $40 for it, but not $140. I can find one without the mold cheaper.

Now, back in the real world (meaning today), I went to school with not much sleep. I was okay though, just extremely confused all day. Square dancing was THE BEST today. Kevin was my partner, so he's always amusing, and put him with his friends, and it's hilarious. He wore eye make-up today...That was somewhat amusing. The only thing I've really been able to think about all day, was of course, Buddy. Which lead to Kelly saying something funny...."STOP THINKING ABOUT FUCKING BUDDY!" That was sooooooo funny. In band, I was totally lost...And everyone seemed hyper-er than usual.

Thinking about band, it reminds me about how weird some other ppl in band are...The other 2 t-bone players are starting to make me question at least 1 of theirs sexuality, even though he has a girlfriend. He makes the other one kinda uncomfortable...but it's funny. Last week...he was like rubbing the other guys thighs...and then putting his arm around his shoulders. And he got all mad because the he wouldn't hug him. Band is starting to get interesting....in the least. It's kinda scary.

I think that's the longest entry I've ever posted...*gasp*