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Sun, Oct. 30th, 2005, 07:56 pm
i <3 Halloween...

The Halloween party at SHF was a lot of fun...Jake was a drag queen/my little pony. He was so cute in his little crown! We played games too, and we won Command! That was wierd. First off, he didn't want to stop and wanted to sidestep the whole time, but didn't for the game. Secondly, he didn't want to counter-canter. But he got it in Command. That was great. We got 3rd in Barrels. Jakie was sooo good! I'm pretty sure now that we're going to the Charlton Farms Schooling Show on Saturday...That'll be fun. I can't wait! I'll get the Jeep next Sunday...


[edit]: oh yeah... I saw an emu in someone's backyard. That was cool. I'm gonna own an ostrich racetrack when I grow up...

Sat, Oct. 22nd, 2005, 07:08 pm



Sun, Oct. 2nd, 2005, 08:17 pm
la la la la la laaaa

Uhhh...lots has happened lately. I'm going to take Fay lessons, and had my first one today! She is awesome, I could immediately feel a difference with Jake. School is wierd. I feel different lately, cuz now I've finally got what I want (a happy horse), nothing else really matters. I'm gonna try in school though. Even though techically, I only need the english and social studies credits...but oh well. Sammy went back to Mandak... The Sarto's new horse rules cuz she's smarter than they are. Lilly took off on Bill yesterday (XD!!!). I love her, she makes the Sarto's visits to the barn so much happier.

I don't feel like typing anymore cuz I'm hungry and I smell portabella pizza stuff...


Mon, Sep. 19th, 2005, 09:47 pm
i am pathetic

I have 112 Buddy pictures saved to my computer.


Make that 120 Buddy pictures saved to my computer.

Sun, Jul. 17th, 2005, 07:05 pm
its not that strange...

Much has been happening! Horse Camp started and children are evil! My pony is awesome (go figure). I've been able to ride Sammy a few times, and Pammy needs to keep him. He's awesome. I officially love Sam more than Sioux. Harry Potter came out, and I'm only on pg 160. I should be reading, but I'm searching for where my horse came from...and so far I know he came from...:

Joe Simon Rodeo Co.
Sharon Simon
P.O. Box 27
Webster, MN 55088
Voice: 952-469-3901
Fax: 952-469-5986
Email: dakotawest@aol.com

I want to email them to ask if they know anything else about him, or have a pedigree, or another contact to find out his parents or bloodlines. My pony is from the friggen rodeo! I wonder what he did...I'll find out sooner or later. I just don't know what to say to these ppl.

Gah. *is shaking*


Mon, Jul. 11th, 2005, 09:24 pm
i swear its the last time, i swear its my last try

Camp totally sucked today...I don't do crafts. I almost quit about 4 times today. First, she had the Michelle that rides Jack and me take the kids up to do the craft. We figured it out, but it was messy. Then we brought the second group up, which included the kid whose mom created the project, so she's made these books before. Here was our conversation...

kid: You're not doing it right!
me: Then do you want to show us the right way?
kid: NO! It's ur job to teach us this!

I almost ended up strangling her. I can't do crafts for shit. Never have. Never will. Then Pam said, right in front of me, "That project was so easy, even a moron like my son could figure that out." That almost resulted in me storming out and leaving somewhere with my horse. But I walked away and tried to forget it. Then I needed to find a place for Cowboy, because he didn't have shavings in his stall yet. I knew I'd get yelled at if I left him with the kid that rode him to get shavings. So I asked Michelle for some advice for what to do with him for the moment, and she said to put him in a stall that hadn't been cleaned yet. So I put him on Claires, and Pam was mad b/c I couldn't watch a kid, hold a horse, and get a bag of shavings all at the same time. Thank what ever is out there that I didn't do something extremely irrational today. Mandi didn't do the craft thing, which was what she was supposed to.

Today sucked major ass, and what was weird was I actually talked to Ashley a little, though we both hate eachother.

OH YEAH! I remembered another thing that was bad about today. When the second group was doing crafts, Nicole and Amy walked in. Amy sat there and was talking about how she always went out and partied and got high, in front of 8-12 year olds. Of course, when people talk about their drug habits, they tend to swear...A LOT. And believe me, the little kids noticed. Ashley was obnoxious, because she refused to be labeled as a 'camper' or do any 'camper' activities. And when it was her groups time to ride...she said, "I don't want to ride! Riding is so gay!". I came pretty close to hurting her.

People are so frustrating...I hate them. Gah. Make them leave my pony alone!

I swear that I'm done rambling [for today] about horse camp and the downsides of living at the barn.


PS: Nikki wants me to ride her Satinka! This will be interesting...

Sun, Apr. 24th, 2005, 11:26 am
i'm afraid of growing up and growing old

I'm bored...and waiting for it to get closer to noon. I'm going to the barn to ride Lydia, and it turns that it's really nice out. I just realized how close the SATs are, so I'm starting to freak out. I really need to look at the practice tests...

Green Day is tomorrow!


(yes, I know this was a worthless entry)

Wed, Apr. 20th, 2005, 07:47 pm
sometimes I'd rather just burn this place right to the ground


The trip got shortened because my cousin's dad got fired, so they need to pay for him now. We still got to see the ponies though ^_^ And the Yankees lost ^_^ I also got to see my beloved Delaware. I'll probably post pics later. I took a lot...I like taking pictures now. I'll probably post more later...Gotta go eat pizza.


Thu, Apr. 14th, 2005, 06:52 pm
at half past 7, I'm on the 95 sick of malls and alcohol, just passed the next state line

Spring break came pretty fast...And I haven't been looking forward to it. I hate family vacations. I dread it. I fucking hate baseball, and going on vacations with dad. He's so annoying. One of the last ones, it was so fucking hot, and a person at Williamsburg suggested going to Six Flags. Dad said,"No. This is an educational trip." That made me flip. I love spring, why can't I be home to experience it? But instead, I have to go into summer. And then it'll be warm when I come back. It always seems to happen that way. The only thing I like about this trip will only last a few hours at most. We'll be in the car for over 25 hours. I wish we could just stay in one spot, in Virginia. I like it there...or Delaware. Or at least follow Less Than Jake like groupies! Saturday, I'm going to PA again. Then Sunday is the stupid baseball game. Then we go to see the ponies. There's a whole day of traveling in the middle of nowhere in there, and then Monticello. Then back to PA. I'm going to have NO time to myself, which is my most valuable time. I don't like being around people too much, I get pissed off too easily.

All of that reminds me of how badly I NEED my liscence. I need to just get away from people, and never can. I want to be able to just travel, without having to deal with people who annoy me.

I swear...I'm done rambling.


Tue, Apr. 12th, 2005, 06:00 pm
when all I have left to say, is "I wonder what's worth fighting for?"

That concert last night FUCKING ROCKED!!! Which I'm sure, the only people who actually read this know, but I'm probably going to forget in a few days, so I need to write it down.

We got to Northern Lights at 5:30, so we'd get a good spot. We stood outside, in the cold (without a hoodie) for an hour. My fingers turned blue. We got in, I got this weird hoodie thing I'm probably only going to wear in weird weather situations. We got in and waited a while for the bands to start. Some band from NJ was first, and I don't really remember them, but they weren't horrible. Right before they started, Roger walked by us and smiled at me...which made me happy. He was trying not to be noticed, cuz his hood was up (he has really long dreadlocks). Then halfway through the first band....BUDDY CAME IN AND STOOD BEHIND MY MOM! He looked so confused....So I didn't bother him, either way, I probably would have passed out or said something extremely stupid, then want to kill myself. I'm pretty sure he noticed me watching him, so he disappeared for a while, then left ;_;.

The second band was Kane Hodder, and they were from Seattle! They weren't that great...They sort of reminded me of Finch, because they'd sing, and then go into total screaming. But Finch doesn't scream like them. The 3rd one on was Hidden In Plain View. I didn't really like them...too emo for me. Allister was 3rd, and their Guitar/Singer was cute. He looked at me a few times...That was weird...I didn't like it. But they were kinda happy and uplifting, so they were okay. The moshing didn't start until they got on.

Less Than Jake was 4th....And before they got on, I came extremely close to killing many girls. Girls suck, no offence to my friends, because they don't. But in general, girls suck. This one girl thought she was getting all the way in the front (I was the 2nd person behind the barrier from the stage), and tried to shove past me. I wouldn't let her through, so she started yelling and swearing at me. Good thing I'm a horseback rider...My legs came in handy there (thank you pammy for all the no stirrup work!). She gave up, and eventually apologized to me for being a bitch. That was pretty funny. I didn't get it, because when they came on, she didn't move or anything. She stood there unimpressed and motionless, with a frown on her face. I had fun...I felt like I was high or something...I sang along to every song...And didn't know a lot of lyrics, but sang anyways. I was on Roger's side of the stage...and Buddy was on the other, but at least it was a small stage. Roger made some funny faces at me...and smiled a lot. Roger has this smile that if you see him smile, you can't help but smile too. Chris is just crazy and drunk, but he sang all the right lyrics (I think. I think at one point I looked at him really weird, cuz I was watching Buddy.... and forgot to change faces then looked at him. He gave me a really funny face. Vinnie was declared as the new Pope. JR was awesome, he rocks out so much.

Now only 1 member left to comment on...Which of course is....BUDDY! He was AWESOME. I wish I could play like him, he has awesome tone and is loud. He danced really cutely *daydreams*. In one of the songs without horn, he helped Vinnie out on drums on a cymbal, and was dancing with his back to the audience...He was shaking his ass! It was so cute! I could go on and on and on and on....He sang once, and he has a pretty voice ^_^ I lurvezes him. He played bass on my side of the stage ^_^ He's pretty good at that too, his fingers moved a lot and fast...*droool*

I should have grabbed Buddy and Roger while I could...Gah. Oh well. There's always next time! I lost that trombone I was bidding on last night. Someone payed $105 which, with shipping is like $140. It had mold on it...And practically no case. It probably had an old trombone smell too (yuck). I would have payed $40 for it, but not $140. I can find one without the mold cheaper.

Now, back in the real world (meaning today), I went to school with not much sleep. I was okay though, just extremely confused all day. Square dancing was THE BEST today. Kevin was my partner, so he's always amusing, and put him with his friends, and it's hilarious. He wore eye make-up today...That was somewhat amusing. The only thing I've really been able to think about all day, was of course, Buddy. Which lead to Kelly saying something funny...."STOP THINKING ABOUT FUCKING BUDDY!" That was sooooooo funny. In band, I was totally lost...And everyone seemed hyper-er than usual.

Thinking about band, it reminds me about how weird some other ppl in band are...The other 2 t-bone players are starting to make me question at least 1 of theirs sexuality, even though he has a girlfriend. He makes the other one kinda uncomfortable...but it's funny. Last week...he was like rubbing the other guys thighs...and then putting his arm around his shoulders. And he got all mad because the he wouldn't hug him. Band is starting to get interesting....in the least. It's kinda scary.

I think that's the longest entry I've ever posted...*gasp*


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